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Ricaurte Precision (RPI) is committed to continuous improvement through investments in the latest technologies and processes.

We are equipped to offer TURNKEY PRECISION FABRICATION & ASSEMBLY of parts with the latest MULTI-AXIS CNC MILLS, 8 Axis & Live Tooling CNC LATHES to include SWISS SCREW technology and WIRE EDM. We have expertise in CNC micro-machining, Laser Marking, Assembly and Finishing; all carefully controlled through our web-based ERP system (E2) and strict Quality Management System (AS9100D & ISO9001:2015).

With over 30 years of experience, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest Quality, Efficiently fabricated parts with flexible lead times and delivery options.

CNC Milling

Ricaurte Precision’s (RPI) multi-axis CNC milling machine centers enable us to machine your parts on 3, 4 or 5 sides with one set up. Multiple operations with one set up allows for the machining of complex, tight tolerance parts with improved efficiency (reduced cost) and improved accuracy (quality and consistency).

We have a wealth of experience in machining standard aluminum and stainless-steel, alloys (Titanium, Inconel, Molybdneum ) and various plastics (Delrin, Peek, Ultem, Torlon etc.)


Lathe Turning

Ricaurte Precision’s (RPI) lineup of 2 axis, 6 axis and 8 axis CNC LATHE technologies provide our team with the technology and flexibility to efficiently and cost-effectively fabricate parts. Our dual spindle, Y-Axis (Live Tooling) lathes allow for turning and precise milling of parts with one set up. Our Twin Turret machines offer multi-axis cutting for simple to complex fittings and fasteners. Our machines are equipped with both 4 foot and 12-foot bar feeders for improved efficiency and consistency (automation).

We are equipped to turn parts with diameters from .100” to 22.00”


Swiss Screw

Our 7 Axis CNC Swiss Lathes are used for smaller (.780” diameter or smaller) parts that require milling, turning, boring, tapping or other operations at one time/ in the same set up. Like our other CNC lathes and mills, we have years of experience in machining hard metals (titanium, Inconel, Molybdneum…) and various plastics in addition to more standard aluminum and stainless-steel parts. With this technology, we are able to machine tight tolerance (+/- .0002”), complex parts in minutes.


Wire EDM

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), uses electrical discharges to remove material with extreme precision. The WIRE EDM is used for parts that require very precise pockets and tight angles.

We have over a decade of expertise in EDM machining of various metals to include Titanium, Inconel, Carbon Steel and other steels and aluminum materials. We EDM machine thousands of parts that require only EDM machining and parts that require multiple machining; in combination with CNC Milling and CNC Lathe machining.


Assembly & Kitting

Ricaurte Precision (RPI) has decades of experience in customer sub-assembly and top level assembly work. Our customers have the option of having their parts labeled and packaged as they require to include assemblies, kitting and crating for larger and more complex assemblies that may require cross country or international deliveries.

Local customers are also offered the option of delivery by one of our delivery vehicles.


Value Add

In addition to precision CNC machining, we strive to meet customer needs and requirements through Turnkey services such as Marking and Engraving, managed Finish and Plating processes, real time inventory control for all Blanket/ Kanban orders and the local delivery of parts upon request.  Just let us know what you need to make your CNC service experience seamless.



  • Metals

    Aluminum Bronze
    Stainless Steel
    Carbon Steel
    Tool Steel

  • Plastics

    Delrin (Acetal)

Machine List

With on-going advancements in technology, improvements in fabrication accuracy and consistency can be realized. With comprehensive planning and effective use of new technologies, we continue to improve the quality, consistency and efficiency of our parts fabrication. In order to meet expanding customer needs, we are equipped with the latest CNC Milling, Turning/Lathes and EDM Wire technologies.

  • CNC Turning Machines

    Citizen Cincom 5M8 with 12 Foot Barfeeder
    Nakamura AS200LMYS with 4 ft LNS Barfeeder
    Ganesh Cyclone- 52TTMY with 4 ft Barfeeder
    Okuma LB-3000 EX II
    Okuma Crown 762S
    Okuma Crown 762S
    Okuma Cadet
    Akira Seiki SL-40
    Omni Turn

  • CNC Milling Machines

    Matsuura MAM72-35 5-Axis Machining Center
    Robodrill Long bed, with Full 4th Axis
    Robodrill with 4th and 5th Axis position
    Robodrill with 4th and 5th Axis position
    Feeler VB-1100 with Full 4th Axis
    Mazak Nexus 510C
    Feeler VMP-580
    Feeler VB-1100
    Feeler VMP-1100
    Doosan Daewoo
    Akira Seiki Performa V-5
    Akira Seiki Performa V-5

  • Wire EDM

    Fanuc RoboCut 400
    Fanuc RoboCut 400
    Fanuc RoboCut 400
    Sodic hole popper

  • Manual Machines/Grinders/Cutters

    Jet vertical Mill
    Bridgeport vertical Mill
    Lagun vertical Mill
    Victor 1640 Lathe
    Cadillac Lathe
    Mori Seiki Lathe
    Chevlier FSG-3A1020 CNC Wet Grinder
    Harig Super 612 Grinder
    Harig Super 612 Grinder
    DoAll DC33ONC automated saw
    MasterCut S-30 HB saw
    Kalamazoo 30-R-10 saw
    Rutland LCM-450 saw

We Are Hiring

We are seeking team members who are eager to grow, collaborate and succeed together. We are committed to our employees and their success as leaders in our industry. If you are seeking growth opportunities in a strong team environment, then Ricaurte Precision, Inc. may be the right career opportunity for you. Are you up to the challenge?


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