CNC Milling

Ricaurte Precision’s CNC Milling Department technicians average over 15 year set up and machining experience. RPI’s milling technicians are equipped with a variety of multi-axis mills and Robodrills to handle both high volume and complex fabrication of parts.

CNC Mills
Methods Feeler VB-1100 W-24″ x L-48″ x H-24″
Methods Feeler VMP-580 W-16″ x L-24″ x H-18″
HAAS VF-2 / with 4th Axis W-16″ x L-36″ x H-18″
Akira Seiki Permorma V-2 W-16″ x L-32″ x H-20″
Doosan Daewoo W-18″ x L-36″ x H-22″
HAAS VF-3 / with 4th Axis W-18″ x L-48″ x H-20″
Akira Seiki Permorma V-4 W-20″ x L-48″ x H-20″
Methods Feeler VB-1100 W-20″ x L-52″ x H-23″
Methods Feeler VMP-1100 W-24″ x L-48″ x H-24″
One Two W-24″ x L-48″ x H-24″
Akira Seiki Permorma V-5 W-20″ x L-48″ x H-24″